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Exceptional customer service, communication, and reliability are qualities our clients have grown to expect.

Vendor Diversity
IRMA Corporation works with hundreds of vendors accross
the globe providing the World's most advanced raw material network.


Selective Sourcing
Purveyors of raw material are hand selected from a pool of thousands of companies to provide the highest level of quality, consistancy, and reliability.
A number of fundamental principals are utilized to evaluate each vendor applicant before they are certified as an approved vendor. Vendors rutinely undergo a number of product quality evaluations, site inspections, and operational audits to ensure that IRMA's customers receive the highest level of quality, consistany, and reliability.

Manufacturing Partnerships
Companies in a number of prominent industries rely upon IRMA Corporation's strategic operational services. With a network of global manufacturing partners, IRMA delivers low cost, high volume raw material manufacturing solutions. Our partnerships minimize the procurement, material management, and manufacturing costs of our customers. For over 17 years we’ve helped custom manufacturers shorten time-to-market objectives and maximize productivity.

IRMAexchange - Certified Vendors Program
Vendors taking part in our IRMAexchange program have access to our exclusive vendor site which offers a number of advanced internet tools to facilitate the worldwide distribution of their products. Certified vendors may list products, monitor inventories, current pricing, and more.

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